Being in SPECTRE is a huge deal for both Jaguar Land Rover and Aston Martin, and both companies did their best to supply the producers with the most amazing vehicles James Bond has ever seen. But they are for your eyes only.

I was fortunate enough to see the Bond Jaguar C-X75s stripped down to their bare spaceframes after Williams got them back from the set, slightly burnt and with a few scratches here and there. Those have to be the most stunning stunt cars ever built.

A few days later, I went to the Frankfurt Motor Show, only to hit JLR’s SPECTRE party and enjoy a drink in front of all three of their movie cars. Naomie Harris was around too, and she’s enough to make you forget all about the pretty cars. (Dave Bautista was around too. I wouldn’t want to fight him, in case you’re curious.)

Naturally, the machinery made it to JLR’s stand too, so I guess it’s time to see which SPECTRE car you could actually buy from their display. Because that why they want to make it into the movies, isn’t it?


Land Rover Defender

No, you can’t buy one anymore, because while the production deadline was pushed back to January due to the high demand for these honest off-roaders, Land Rover closed the order books last month.


If you want a high-performance Defender like this, I suggest calling Twisted Automotive. They ordered quite a few base cars to keep things rolling as fast as you want them to.

Jaguar C-X75


Nope, you can’t buy this either. Williams built five hybrid concepts and five orange stunt cars for Jaguar and the Bond movie, and although they could build another hundred or two in the next three years, that won’t happen unless Jaguar wants it to.

It feels like this train has left the station already.

Aston Martin DB10


Bond’s car has all the things we love: a V8, a manual gearbox and a flamethrower. Apart from the latter, that’s because this is not much more than a V8 Vantage in a drag that should give us a clue about the upcoming DB11, the first Aston to use AMG power.

Aston Martin built just ten DB10s, all to be driven by the 007 or his stunt doubles, and them only.

Range Rover Sport SVR


Holy crap! You can actually buy an SVR! Yes, in case you have some $130,000 to spend on a very loud SUV, JLR’s Special Vehicle Operations will happily build you a Range Rover Sport SVR.

That’s great news, but now, that just won’t cut it anymore. I want my SVR with a fully integrated roll-cage, power upgrades, a race-spec fuel cell and the lightbar that’s illegal in most European countries.

On the plus side, you can still buy a rear-wheel drive Jaguar F-Type with a manual, and since Range Rovers basically sell themselves, I guess that was the idea anyway.


Photo credit: Sony Pictures and Máté Petrány/Jalopnik

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