The last rotary sedan Mazda made was the JDM 929, discontinued in 1991. But twenty years back, the two-door RX-2 was built to be a screaming giant slayer on and off the tracks.

If you’re looking for small, fast, classic lightweight sedans (or coupés) that can go around a track at a remarkable pace, you can hunt down something British, Italian or Japanese. Or maybe a BMW 2002. But in case you also want a rotary engine up front, it’ll have to be a Mazda.


Between 1970 and 1978, the Mazda Capella was available with a wide range of four-cylinder engines, but nobody cared about that since you could also get one with a two-door body and a 1460 cc 12A Wankel. Known simply as the Capella Rotary in Japan, the RX-2 made it to America and Australia as well, only to fade away quietly until a new generation of boxy rust-bucket lovers could bring some of them back to life.

Petrolicious would like you to meet one of those guys.

These cars are special.


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