Subaru is unveiling a brand new Impreza concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show next week, and that’s all well and good. But while the company just released this weird teaser image, we pretty much already know what it’s going to look like.

And that’s because Subaru has already revealed a hatchback concept of the same car at the Tokyo Motor Show a couple of weeks ago, so imagine it’s a lot like this, but, you know, less hatchy:

If anything, I’m mostly just excited that this car looks somewhat distinctive and aggressive as an Impreza should, instead of the bland-economy-hatchback-is-that-a-Kia?-looks of the past few non-WRX models.

Expect to see the real-deal at some point early next year, with sales of the new Subie coming a few months after that. Because that’s how these things go.


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