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There Needs To Be A Home For Mistreated Supercars

Illustration for article titled There Needs To Be A Home For Mistreated Supercars

We've all seen them. Ferraris with Mansory bodykits, chrome Lambos, and whatever the hell happened to this red/gold McMerc SLR. There needs to be a home for these mistreated supercars.


Reader Alexander Murel got the idea when we saw the world's most stereotypical Lamborghini owner's music video. Even the strongest eye bleach could not cleanse our tortured hearts.


There should be Social Services for abused cars. If you abuse your supercar or degrade it in cruel and unusual away it should be taken away and put into foster care. I'll offer to get the ball rolling by fostering that poor Aventador. I'd give it its own room and even give it some new clothes so all the big kids at the track won't make fun of him. I have a friend who would love to adopt the RX-7 too.

We hope to set up a non-profit service, helping to put these exotics up for adoption and into healthier homes. This could be a pilot program for a larger car-aide service, getting horribly mistreated Camaros, Nissans, and other performance cars into the right hands. We look forward to your support.

Photo Credit: Zoe TV

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For Sweden

Does the shelter have any 4th generation F-bodies for adoption?

Who am I kidding, it will have TONS of 4th generation F-bodies.