Photo: Brian Snelson/Flickr

I just came back from England, where I spotted this incredible 23-foot tall sculpture made of all sorts of junk parts. I need one of these on my front lawn right now. Take a closer look at all the junk that make up this amazing beast.

The waste sculpture is called the WEEE Man, and it’s found in a large plant conservatory called The Eden Project in Cornwall, England. The whole idea of the sculpture, erected in 2005, is to spread awareness about the waste of electrical and electronic equipment (hence the name “WEEE”), and to encourage people stop chucking all this junk into the garbage bin.

And it’s definitely worked—well, on me at least. I’ve got tons of spare junk parts lying around that I’d gladly re-purpose into an awesome sculpture like this. Have a closer look. You can clearly see an angle grinder and a drill (most likely from Harbor Freight):


The sculpture weights 3.6 tons, which, The Eden Project says, is the same amount the average household in Great Britain throws away in a lifetime. Here are some of the items that make up the Real Life Iron Giant:

Now to see if my landlord will allow me to build my own on the front lawn.