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Wow, people must really want the Caterham Formula One team to compete in the final race of the season at Abu Dhabi. The beleaguered team resorted to crowdfunding $3.7 million to race again, and five days later, they're halfway there.


Caterham's Crowdcube site indicates that the team has raised about $1.9 million U.S. since its Friday launch, putting it about 50 percent of the way toward their $3.7 million goal. (That's £2.35 million in British person money.)


The thing is, while the Abu Dhabi race is the weekend of Nov. 23, Caterham's goal has to be achieved in just the next three days. Can they do it? At this point, I hope so, just because a crowdfunded F1 racing effort would be awesome.

If you buy in, you can get all sorts of cool Caterham swag as a thank you gift, ranging from earplugs to ball caps to a $5,810 engine cover to your name and logo on the race car. That last one will put you out $16,600.

I'm tempted to start a company called "Bernie Sucks Inc." just to make that happen. Anyone care to crowdfund that?

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