The Zenos E10 Might Be Your New Favorite Track Toy

The Zenos E10 project started with the promise of an affordable track car built using aluminum, a steel safety cell and a carbon fiber reenforced plastic tub with Ford power, and seeing the first prototype in action is very promising indeed.


Everybody is trying to build the perfect track car nowadays, from Local Motors to the forever young Caterham, but while they're busy turning the AeroSeven Concept into a production vehicle, former employees Ansar Ali and Mark Edwards went ahead and finished developing their vision, the Zenos E10.

While the top of the range car comes with a 250 horsepower Ecoboost engine, adjustable shocks and a limited-slip differential, the base Zenos with a 190 hp Duratec starts at £25,000 in the UK, which is the same as what you pay for a Caterham Supersport R with roughly the same power and no paint as standard. And the Zenos drives like this:

I know it's because this is just the prototype, but exposed gearbox linkage should be a thing.

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