The Yenko Camaro Is Back For 2015 And It Has 700 Horsepower

If you're a fan of old-school General Motors muscle, you know about a dealership in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania called Yenko Chevrolet. While Yenko isn't around anymore, their name lives on with this 700 horsepower 2015 Chevrolet Camaro tuner special.


For years Yenko cranked out incredibly powerful Camaros and other cars by stuffing the Corvette's 427 cubic inch V8 under their hoods and making other go-fast modifications. Today, their cars are highly coveted among Camaro aficionados, and a new one just debuted at the SEMA show that aims to do the name justice.

The modern Yenko Camaro actually comes from SLP Specialty Vehicles. It gets GM's 7.0-liter (or 427 cubic inches, if you're a real American) V8 with a TVS 2300 supercharger, making it good for 700 horsepower. It can be had in manual or automatic versions.

Other tweaks include special five-spoke gunmetal wheels, a new hood with "sYc" graphics like the old Yenkos and badges to match, and a numbered dash plaque so folks know how special it is.

If you want one, act now. GM Authority says all orders must be placed through SLC, and only 50 will be made. It's being called the first real Yenko Camaro in decades, so expect strong demand.

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