The Worst Time Ever To Lose Your Car's Hood Is In The Air

GIF via Colins Crest

I don’t think “lose hood over crest” was in the notes, you guys.

Rally Sweden has the most infamous long jump in all of rallying—Colin’s Crest—and over this past weekend, driver Louise Cook had the nightmare experience of not being able to see where she was going to land thanks to a hood failure.

Cook was running in the WRC 3 class over the weekend, but rolled her Ford Fiesta on Stage 2 of the event. Nevertheless, she drove on, only to have her mended front end fail spectacularly later during the rally.


The hood came loose while airborne after Colin’s Crest, sending her light pod flapping in the wind and blocking the front windshield of the car.

Colin’s Crest has an annual award for which driver jumps the farthest on it, so it’s no joke. Cook pushed on through it anyway, but ultimately ended up having to retire due to a technicality over a replacement seat bracket that wasn’t homologated with her car. (Boo!)


Cook also lost her bumper before Colin’s Crest, and as with Mads Østberg’s lost wing, a fan found it and returned it to her.

Sweden has the best fans, man.

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Urambo Tauro

I’ve heard that all modern cars have hoods that are curved at the rear. And that the reason for this is so that if the hood flies open, you’ll still have a small gap to see through so that you can safely come to a stop.

I just took a minute to walk out to my car and see what the view would look like from my driver’s seat with the hood open. It’s manageable, but only if I lean forward a bit. So how well does that work if your racing harness has you strapped in tightly against the seat?

The video shows Cook continuing to drive on, so she must have been able to see where she was going. I guess it depends on the car in question, how low the seat is, and the height of the driver.