The East Belgian Rally isn’t in the World Rally Championship. The top-finishing cars were all second-tier R5 cars, turbo AWD monsters a step down from WRC spec. And still, I can’t help watch it, and take in the rally Porsches, howling away.

It’s harsh to be down on the East Belgian Rally, as Belgian rallies are entertaining in 1) having all kinds of super slick tarmac farm roads and 2) bringing out all kinds of fast, often RWD cars to run them, free from having to worry too much about loose dirt and AWD-necessitating gravel. As such, you get lots of Porsches, lots of old BMWs, and even some very fast Opels.


Did I mention the roads were slick? Look at this:

Again, it was Škoda Fabia R5s that took first through sixth places, and would have done top seven all in a row had a VW Polo R5 (a rather similar machine) didn’t take that spot, as noted in the official results.

But still, it was Patrick Snijers, yes that same guy from that one BMW E30 M3 rally video, that managed to sneak into the top 10 with a 997 GT3. Praise it.


Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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