Volkswagen's Autostadt complex is worth a trip for the glass car silos alone. What else could make getting a Golf that exciting?

I visited Volkswagen's playground two years ago when I drove the cutting-edge XL1 and the maybe one day US-bound Golf GTD, and was amazed to see what a $450 million investment could do to the area what used to be the dirty coal depot of Volkswagen's famous power plant.

The whole place was turned into an automotive wonderland with each brand of the VW Group getting a building somewhere between the trees and lakes (except for poor SEAT if I remember correctly). But the Lamborghini Murcielago that used to be on the wall of the Lambo Museum found a new home here:

Only the Moon and an aircraft carrier could beat the Autostadt's 200-foot tall automated car towers on our list of the most amazing parking places, and now that VW has announced how many zillions of cars they sold in this financial year, Getty photographer Alexander Koerner went sky high to show us what it's like today.


You can collect your brand new VW there if you click here and follow their instructions. If only they had a 2015 Golf Sportwagen TDI in stock!

I'm sure there's a brown manual TDI somewhere here. There has to be...

Photo credit: Getty Images

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