You Can't Work On The Car When The Race Is Red-Flagged For Rain

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NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano and their Penske team wish this wasn’t the case, as they have a lot of work to do to get the two cars ready to race again from an incident on lap 19. Unfortunately, the race was red flagged for thunderstorms on lap 22, which leaves both teams high and...well, not dry.


ESPN reporter Bob Pockrass captured this view of the Logano crew hanging around a new front end for one of the damaged cars:

According to NASCAR, “All drivers and pit crew members must stop what they’re doing during a red flag. So the teams for Keselowski and Logano will have to stop working on their car repairs.”

Here’s how the damage occurred to the Penske teammates’ Fords:

Keselowski was sorry that his teammate was collected when his car got loose. “I felt like I had a normal line and it went crazy sideways on me,” Keselowski told NASCAR.

Sprint Cup only has rain tires for use on road courses, so when it gets wet on an oval, everyone’s out of luck. Everyone at Bristol Motor Speedway hopes the race can resume today, although the broadcast on Fox ends at 4:30 PM. If the race restarts today, NASCAR has announced that the remainder will be shown on Fox Sports 1. If it restarts on Monday, it will be broadcast at 11:00 AM ET on Fox. You can follow all of NASCAR’s weather updates for BMS here.


UPDATE (5:53 PM): Dryers are on the track right now. NASCAR hopes to resume the race in about an hour.


UPDATE [6:30 PM]: The restart is a go! The telecast resumes at 6:30 PM on FS1.


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The way I understand it is that they cannot touch the car under red. They can prepare everything they will need and have it sitting right next to the car so that they may begin repairs as soon as the red flag is lifted.

They are listed as 3 laps down already, but I bet they both get back on track only 5-8 laps down. Without the red, they would have lost 30-50 laps.