The new VW Tiguan crossover's based on the A5 platform, the same platform that allows Vee-dub to bring us the Golf, the new Audi TT and the Jetta. More importantly It's also the same platform that V-Double-U used to bring us the Skoda Octavia II. OK, we're not really sure why that's important at the moment, but it gives this new Car-UV a level of respekt it'd usually not be getting — mostly because, you know, it's the brother of a Skoda! But we digress, now the automaker for the people of the Deutschland have a new video out telling all about its story. The clip's got all the excitement, action and intrigue you'd expect in a movie about a crossover built by a German automaker. But, it's interesting to see which vehicles designers used as their "inspiration" for this new V-Dub. At least we think they used them as their inspiration, as there's no talking whatsoever in the video. There were some words on the screen and stuff, but who can bother with reading, right?

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