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As far as DMVs go, none has proven more prudish than the censors in the Old Dominion. The Virginia DMV has previously rejected the "world's greatest license plate" on the grounds it promoted child canabilism. They even accused a mom of being a sex pervert. But a "NSTY HOE"? Apparently, that's no big deal.


Reader JohnCocktoastin's buddy Anjan was driving around Petersberg, Virginia when he noticed the black Tahoe sporting the peculiar plate.


The immediate jump in our mind is to assume this is referring to prostitutes who are, by virtue of their profession and demeanor, tawdry. A secondary possibility, given the "powered by CAT diesel" sticker on the back of the car, is that this driver sells farm equipment like backhoes. Nasty, dirty, hot backhoes.

It would be awesome if that was the case and, if so, we have no problem with the plate — despite both being slightly pornographic... for absolutely different reasons. As usual, our problem is with the Virginia DMV's completely random approach to attacking vanity license plates.

So good on anyone who fights the system and sneaks something past the censors.


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