[The very unique Lamborghini Marzal may have only come with just half of the usual number of cylinder from Ferruccio's workshop, but it still needed large quantities of premium gas. Photo credit: Lamborghini]


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What a great photograph.

Reminds me of my gas pumping job in high school. A Ferrari Dino drove up and none of the other workers cared. I ran out the door and asked what he would like. He said "filler her up with premium". I asked if he wanted me to check the oil (we had to do that in those days - circa 1984)... he said "if you want to see the engine why don't you just ask?".

After checking the oil and filling her up...he asked for all the change back from a $20 for $19.75 of gas....We relied on tips to make a decent wage.

My first run in with expensive car douchebaggery. Fortunately most of the nice car drivers were quite decent.