The US Army's Got A HEMTT — The OshKosh B'Hybrid Truck

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The behemoth you see before you is none other than the OshKosh Hybrid Truck — and frankly, we just had to drop the OshKosh B'Gosh Joke — it was just way too easy and we were out just way too late last night. But really, this is a mad cool new heavy cargo-hauler for the US Military — and its environmentally friendly. That's if you think environmentally friendly means going from three to four miles per gallon. In actuality, the big news on this HEMTT (Heavy Expanded Mobility Technical Truck) is that it's really quiet so our boys over there can get all medieval on insurgents — and do it all spy-like. Pstchu! Ptschu!

Military truck firm finishing up hybrid prototypes [Detroit News]

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