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A recent study on the military's up-armoring program for the Humvee β€” where thousands of pounds of armor are added on to the sides and top of the already high-center-of-gravity military beast of personel-carrying burden β€” may be causing more deaths than their non-up-armored brothers. The study found that 70% of the traffic-related deaths occuring in the US Army standard-bearer and GM money-maker came from rollovers rather than attack from enemy combatants, insurgents, improvised explosive device or the always-deadly beast guarding the cave with long ears and big pointy teeth. But the up-armoring process did result in some positive additions to the Humvee β€” better safety belts, a fire suppression system and the always popular OnStar system. "What's the shortest route to Fallujah?" (hat tip to weatherman on the correction!)

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