The U.S. Border Patrol Found This Jeep Stuck On Top Of The Border Fence

Getting cars and trucks across the border between the U.S. and Mexico has become increasingly difficult over the past decade. Especially for people who want to bypass government sanctioned border crossings.

One enterprising car coyote tried a simple, if somewhat inventive way to get a Jeep Cherokee across the border illegally. By using ramps.

Unfortunately for the would-be smuggler, the SUV, which looks to be mid-'90s vintage, got high centered on the fence and its drive had to abandon ship. That's how Border Patrol agents near Yuma, Ariz. found it; hanging forlornly atop the fence's rusty spikes.


It's not clear what the smugglers were smuggling, but we can rest assured that the Cherokee wasn't it. You can buy those on Craigslist for $500. Hopefully someone'll get this thing for less at a government auction and build it into a rad trail rig that could actually make it over the fence if need be. (Hat tip to James!)

Photo credit: Associated Press

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