The Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Crash As It Happened

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The spectacular crash of Underground Racing's twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo at the Texas Mile this weekend amazingly yielded no serious injuries, but it did provide us with this video made up of an amazing sequence of photos from photographer Keith Kaminski.

Initial reports indicated the strong wind knocked the Italian supercar off balance when the driver pulled the chute, but Kaminski, who took these shots, saw something else:

From my perspective, the chute deployed right at the One Mile mark. The brake lights came on about a 1/4 mile later. The car immediately lost control and then hit the dirt. I saw nothing that would lead me to believe the chute got tangled on the wheel or the cross wind had any serious effect of the crash.


It's hard to tell exactly what happened in the video, we're just glad the drive walked away under his own strength.

Photo Credit: Keith Kaminski, music credit Day For Night

Update: Keith sent over some unwatermarked photos for the video!

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Jonathan Harper

Too bad the weird zoom-in thing ruined the flip-book style video.

Would have been much more clear without.