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Can you believe Farago's already on GM Death Watch ninety one? Neither can we (seems like only yesterday he was on 37). Then again, the one-man curmugeon machine is only up to Ford Death Watch Eight. He's got some catching up to do, considering the consesus among the world's automotive prattlers is that the pride of Henry would go to seed ahead of The General. Today, of course, the two stories converged to become, in his mind, the sort of apocalyptic augery only a horseman (or locust) could love. He's not at all ambivalent about the outcome of a pairup between GM and Ford, either: "Any merger between America's Number One and Number Two automakers would kill both of them," he writes. Does that mean Detroit Death Watch One is nigh?


General Motors Death Watch 91 / Ford Death Watch 8: GM and Ford To Merge? [The Truth About Cars]

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