In the "dare to dream" wing of the NY Auto Show, among the roadsters and air cars, was a pair of three-wheeled Chinese imports that are set to hit the market this year. Classified as motorcycles in most states, these lightweight vehicles offer 42 mpg fuel economy at a price just under $10K. You might think this means you'll end up with something powered by a two-cylinder chinese motor. You'd be wrong. This 1/4 ton truck gets its motivation from a 50 horsepower Delphi/GM/Wuling four-cylinder that will propel the driver to a max speed of 70 mph... assuming it doesn't catch on fire first.

And unlike the 09 Challenger SE of Spin's dreams, you can only get this with a five-speed manual. Oh, and it's got A/C, a CD player and a push-button heater. Though they claim the goal is to sell 3,000 of them, we think they're going to do ten times that. American salesmanship with Chinese quality. How can you lose?