The Transporter 2 Microsite is Go. Sorta.

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This image was lost some time after publication.

Today is supposedly the day Transporter 2's microsite goes online at Audi. But so far, all we've gotten is a minimalist window that pops up with interesting use of white space and a few gray squares. Sort of a subdued Mondrian effect, if you will. And we know you will. Audi's big on this whole Transporter thing, using it to gain some underworld cred for the A8 W12, the main mode of transit for the title character played by Jason Statham. (Did Yenko Novas appreciably go up in value after Statham drove one in The Italian Job?) As for us, we just wanna see some Amber Valletta in an A3 Sportback Quattro. Hot-cha!


Transporter 2 [Audi via The German Car Blog</>]

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