The Trailer For The Next Season Of Top Gear Looks Epic

Season 20 of Top Gear is back on Sunday. The trailer looks like what you'd normally expect from the trio. That means crashes, explosions, and supercars.


If you like spinning limos and flying Ferraris, then this is the season for you.


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I love cars as much as everyone else does. I hit this site 10+ times per day and others get the same treatment. I budget my life around the next car and spend most of my free time reading everything from minivan reviews to Hypercar comparisons. I recently stopped a stranger in his driveway to congratulate him on the 90's era V8 powered 5-series wagon he keeps in great shape.

Then why is this show so hard to watch for me? Jeremy is not likable and the segments are so heavily edited and produced it takes away from the shows legitimacy. Yes they have great visuals and camera angles but overall Id rather watch a cheesy motorweek episode on Tuesday night than this British love fest. I dont hate the show, just dont make an effort to watch it. Am I alone?