The Top Gear USA Guys Are Back And They're Popping Huge Wheelies

Top Gear is back on History on June 3rd. And to celebrate, the guys are going drag racing. And terrifyingly so.

It appears that Adam, Rut, and Tanner have a trio of restomods and need to compete to see who can represent the guys in a prostock car at a professional drag race. Specifically the Gatornationals.

We're not sure who is in the Dodge Challenger at the end of the video, but we're pretty sure their pants turned a much deeper shade of yellow or brown by the end of the run. That looks like one hell of a terrifying ride.


Top Gear is back on June 3rd at 9 ET.

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Brian, The Life of

inb4 all the idiots chime in with "ZOMGWTFBBG ... I'd rather watch Oprah than TGUSA ... hurr durr ... "