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Haven't you ever wanted to be both jammin' Econoline and surveillin' criminals — kinda like an awesome 80s cop show starring a punk rock detective. Now there's a way. it's the Econoline surveillance van. And I want it. Badly.

There's like $100,000 in surveillance equipment (in 1980s dollars and 1908s equipment) slapped into the back of this 1988 Ford Econoline. And everything in it just exudes awesome. The wood paneling on the walls, the blue vinyl, the gun lock, the periscope. The mini-toilet. Hell, look, I even see a curtain. It goes around the toilet for privacy. I mean, how classy is that?


This totally needs to be the new Jalopnik mobile command center. Just replace the Sabotage-era mobile phone with a EV-DO card and we're money. SO money. Hurry and buy it for me — the auction ends in like four hours. And it's less than $4K right now. So worth it.

Come on readers, buy it for me. Please? I swear I won't ask for anything from you ever again — well — until I find something else awesome on eBay. But this is it for now. For real! [eBay]

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