Dakar's desert stages look like they're on a completely different planet if you've never been anywhere near big sand dunes. What happens when the sand on said planet is steeper over a crest than expected? Well, you roll, as Dutch touring car driver Tom Coronel found out today.

At about six seconds in, you just see this big hole open up over the crest. It doesn't even look like a steep dune at that point. It's a hole.

Then the buggy tips over and all the stuff brought along to make the trip easier gets thrown all over. Oops!

This roll was from today's Stage 8, from Uyuni to Iquique. Luckily, all of the usual safety gear in the Maxxis Dakar buggy did its job and Coronel escaped unharmed. The buggy even made it to the bivouac at the end of the stage today after it got turned right-side up.


If Coronel sounds familiar, it's because he also competes in the World Touring Car Championship and has run in the 24 Hours of Le Mans as well as other touring car series. Now, he's tackling the Dakar.

[H/T McNewbie]