Cover your ears, everyone. There have been some truly awful car commercials over the years. But often what makes a forgettable ad memorable is the bad music that goes with it.

And now, here are 10 car ads that were pretty bad to begin with, but will now be stuck with you forever because of the appalling soundtrack that goes with them. Don't start singing them around friends or family, though, because they won't want to be around you anymore.

10.) Renault Alliance Convertible

A favorite of mine, but for all the wrong reasons. I find reasons to make everyone I know aware that this commercial for the equally laughable Alliance convertible exists. The commercial may have started as a rejected tampon ad.

Suggested By: drock87

9.) Honda 'Dance Party'

What's up with these happy happy Honda commercials? If they're supposed to be mood elevators, then they're having the opposite effect.

Suggested by: BigNSlow

8.) Fiat Uno

I'm taking a leap, but I guess the Fiat Uno made you excited. Or maybe it was a really irritating car so they launched it with this music to distract you.

Suggested by: Jonee

7.) Mitsubishi Eclipse 'Start the Commotion'

Thanks, Mitsubishi. Back when people were buying your cars, you popularized lots of music. Then we got sick of hearing the songs. And then sick of your cars. That's how it goes.

Suggested by: darthd

6.) Subaru BRZ 'Scorched'

How'd this go so wrong? Does the BRZ need to be accompanied by something so dubsteppy? Fail.

Suggested by: Jordan Hewlett

5.) Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Now don't you just want to wrap yourself in a flag and sing as loud as you can about America! And your new Olds! And Olds quality! Please don't.

Suggested by: N2Skylark

4.) Chevrolet Corvette

Chevy must have spent a lot of ad money on that Citation launch ad I put at the top of the post. Already cringeworthy, it's like they reworked it just a bit and then decided to use it a few years later on the 1984 Corvette launch ad. Do people dance to this or something?

Suggested by: JGrabowMst

3.) Toyota Prius Family 'Hum'

The Prius is already a smug car with its hybrid badges everywhere. So they decided to make smug a song. Well, a hum actually. Unfortunately, it's very catchy.

Suggested by: 472CID

2.) Toyota 'Saved By Zero'

What's not to like about a low, low APR? Well, this song, actually.

Suggested by: ranwhenparked

1.) Isuzu Amigo

What was the target demographic for the Amigo? Toddlers? Even they'd complain about having this tune stuck in their heads for the rest of forever.

Suggested by: DIRTEE30 and abaiz.2009