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The Ten Worst Highways In America

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

North America and its great Interstate system. Even the people who designed the Great Wall of China and the Pyramids would have to agree it's impressive, even if some of America's massive transportation system has failed due to misuse, neglect, or poor design. Here's the worst of the worst.

10.) Interstate 35 (through Texas)


Chairman Kaga puts it very simple:

I'd rather be given a weasel enema than drive that road. Impossibly dense traffic. Semi trucks. Unlicensed and uninsured drivers. College kids. Caravans of Impalas in-tow on the way to Mexico. Worn out road surfaces. Cross winds. Debris. Hell.


There's more according to OneFastPuertoRican:

You forgot outlet shopping moms.

And it will get worse before it gets better according to MauritiusMauritia:

Next year it will be even worse as the widening construction project commences.

Suggested By: Chairman Kaga, Photo Credit: me and the sysop

9.) Kennedy Expressway (Interstate 90, Chicago)


Interstate 90 is not big enough, says primalzer:

I'd say, just because I'm biased and from the NW suburbs of Chicago, but I-90 (Kennedy) going into the city. 3 lanes MAX, with no possibility of expansion without DRASTIC, and I mean DRASTIC earth moving and construction. The road is garbage because there is never a lull to fix it, except in the 3 months of consistent decent weather we have. Right now it has at least 1 lane blocked, with two lanes blocked once it mergers with another expressway (I-94 Edens). Travels times of multiple hours is not uncommon living


Suggested By: primalzer, Photo Credit: Ken Lund

8.) Interstate 405 (California)


IHATE405 really hates the 405:

4 0 5. No other three numbers have given commuters in southern California nightmares. There's no place, no interchange, no hour of the day that there's not an accident, traffic, or construction underway. When they shut down this POS last year and the year before that, they called that carmageddon, that, and any given weekday the southbound lane from the 101 to LAX is the biggest parking lot in the world should put this thing at number one.

Suggested By: IHATE405 , Photo Credit: Ken Lund

7.) Interstate 4 (Florida)


JimSlade agrees with Wikipedia about the "dead zone" part:

This stretch of road is a joke. It runs from Tampa to Daytona and while it connects two towns (that you would not want to visit for long periods of time) it also cuts through Orlando...and this is where the issues start. With the theme parks, outlet malls, and everything else that draw guests to the sweat box that is central FL, you can never travel it in a timely manner. Now let's add in road works, which are on going, and rain, that takes place for about an hour every day in the summer, and you have a slippery, congested, hellish artery that sees numerous accidents each day.

Further, the naming is east and west, but a good portion of the road actually travels north and you go west to go south and east to go north. Of course...this is a route in that explains the fouled up directions.

Finally...i leave you with this from our friends at Wikipedia...

"A section of I-4 between Daytona Beach and Orlando called the 'dead zone' is rumored to be haunted...In other words, while you are not more likely to be in accident in this section of I-4, if an accident occurs the chance of that accident containing a fatality is greatly increased."


Suggested By: JimSlade, Photo Credit: Dougtone

6.) Gardiner Expressway (Toronto, because Canada is in North America too!)


Basically, it's falling apart, damaging cars in the process. KamikazePigeon adds more:

THIS!!! I vaguely remember reading an article saying it will be unusable within 5-10 years. Also, I remember another article saying that if a large truck drove over the "perfect" spot, it could actually punch through the road surface. For those of you who do not know, this Expressway runs across the Downtown Core in Toronto. We also don't have a replacement for it. Not in the works, not even planned. Construction should have started a decade ago to replace this. What a colossal fustercluck. Issues like this make me hate Politics with a passion.

Here they are:……


Blame Canada.

Suggested By: Shane Elliott, Photo Credit: detsang


5.) Interstate 95 (Florida)


Apparently, you'll need a Jeep:

I have to agree, went from driving a Jeep to an Abarth, and i just recently took a drive from DC to Phila, and man the road is fucking rough!


If you can't drive an Abarth on a road, what's the point?

Suggested By: GR1M RACER : Wrong Most of the Time, Photo Credit: Bob B. Brown


4.) Pulaski Skyway


It looks nice as long as you're not on it, says Triboroug:

People going way too fast, left entrances with no merges, left exits, thing is falling apart, and no room to manoeuvre.
Not sure if no place for cops to hide is a good or bad thing.
Always great fun to test your car's breaking ability when a NYC Taxi randomly stops and you see there was about two feet between you and the bumper of a Crown Vic.
Great fun in snow and ice.
Loverly merge on the south side where Truck 1-9 comes in and you have people in the left lane realize they have to get over so they aren't trapped in the Express lanes which don't have access to 78, 21, or 22.
Did I mention it is falling apart?


Suggested By: Triboroug, Photo Credit: hydropeek

3.) Long Island Expressway


Spiegel won't let squirrels fart:

Long Island Expressway (LIE). Hey you want to head into the city? That's fi—oh wait a squirrel farted in the middle lane...4 HOUR LOCKDOWN!


Suggested By: Spiegel, African Geisha, Photo Credit: Anthony Quintano

2.) New Jersey Turnpike


Tolls. Lots of them. Exits. Some of them:

Sure it is well maintained but how many goddamn tolls do you need? And good luck turning around if you miss your exit, you gotta go all the way into PA!!! (exaggeration).


Suggested By: Automatch- the Avanthusiast, Photo Credit: MPD01605


1.) Capitol Beltway (Interstate 495)


The answer can't be anything other than the capitol Beltway (especially at the I-95 interchange) and I695 going around Baltimore, says MrCoppage. Scrape agrees:

Baltimore is one of the few places I know of there the roads are actually WORSE after they get done fixing them. Prime example...the concrete redecking on 295. Frankly, the ride was smoother with the old potholes than with the new concrete they put on there. And even when they spent millions redoing Pratt Street for the now dead Grand Prix. They didn't dowel the slabs together properly so they all shifted and made all them nice bumps the race cars crashed from.

And then there are Maryland's bridges with the WORST approach and end joint detail imaginable. And yet, the DOT still uses it.


Watch yourself out there!

Suggested By: MrCoppage, Photo Credit: sebypires

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