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Luxury car ads should be enticing, charming, and a little bit jealousy-inducing. These ten, though, went a good bit over the top.


Also, let me get some honorable mentions out of the way. In terms of print ads, this Range Rover ad is the most charmingly obnoxious. In terms of luxury car TV spots, this Cadillac Seville ad is the absolute whitest. And in terms of regular car TV spots, this Highlander kid shitting on the Corvette-engined Roadmaster wagon is the most insufferable of all.


10.) Every Lexus Car Bow Ad

Nothing says "I'm sorry for shtupping the au pair" like buying your spouse a Lexus with a bow on it.

Suggested By: My X-Type is too a real jaa-aaa-aaaaa-aaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaag

9.) I Sure Hope This SUV Can Drive On Entirely Ordinary Roads

The message from advertisers is clear: your family life will be ruined if you don't buy this bloated whale of an Infiniti SUV. Without it, you'd never be able to climb what appears to be a lightly-dusted country road.


Suggested By: Shmalworthington

8.) Mercedes Benz Is For Shitty Drivers

There's a right way to present a car's pseudo-self-driving safety features, and then there's this way, which makes your target market look like a bunch of reckless idiots. InvalidnostCCCP has a fantastic breakdown of everything wrong with these three Merc-driving morons right here.


Suggested By: InvalidnostCCCP

7.) Mothers-In-Law, Am I Right??

Boy, nothing says cutting edge humor like a mother-in-law joke! HAR HAR HAR

Suggested By: Chevy Sonic The Hedgehog

6.) If By Obnoxious You Mean Best... Cadillac Style

Sometimes obnoxious can work in your favor. Case in point, this late '80s Cadillac spot that includes, as zacarious points out, just about every asshole rich person trope imaginable.


Yacht - Check

Tennis Club - Check

Learjet - Check

Skeet shooting - Check

Fox Hunting - Check

Fencing - Check

Equestrian Sports (including Polo)- Check

Multiple Affairs - Check

Suggested By: zacarious and covers86

5.) BMWs Are For Shtupping People Not Your Wife

Like the Cadillac spot, this is actually a pretty good ad, but its message doesn't exactly help out the BMW brand, as tkeela eplains.


And don't get me wrong, it's a great commercial, it does exactly what it's supposed to be — get stuck in your brain. It's creative, it's funny, but what kind of idea does it leave you with? That with a BMW of a 6-month-old-puke colour, you can bang every gal in your neighbourhood, including your fiance, and might even get away from local Don's revenge. That, by purchasing a BMW 3 series convertible, you automatically qualify for a special status — BMW-driving douche. Good marketing, bad thinking.


Suggested By: tkeela

4.) The Lincoln Cross-Shopping Yuppie Couple Ads

There's something insufferable about this yuppie know-nothing couple asking all the wrong questions in favor of all the wrong car. I think it's that it makes the target audience wonder if they, too, are this vapid in person.


Suggested By: Automatch Tom

3.) The Acura Ad That Wishes It Was A Terrence Malick Film

Maybe it's trying to be Tree of Life. Or maybe it's trying to be an Apple ad. Either way, this parody ad is extremely relevant.


Suggested By: Pessimippopotamus and Audistein

2.) Acura's Luxury Towels Ad

As I said before, it's hard to put your finger on exactly what's wrong with the luxury in this luxury car luxury ad. Is the luxury sugar too cubic? Is the luxury suit too shiny? Is the luxury smirk on the luxury car driver's face too luxurious?


Suggested By: FromCanadaWithLove and damnthisburnershitsux

1.) It Pains Me To Say This, But This Acura NSX Ad

You know it hurts me to put the NSX on this list. You know it hurts me to say anything mean about Honda's Ferrari fighter. But maaaaaaaaan is this the absolute pinnacle of laughably confused, austere, somber-art-and-fancy-announcers advertising.


And it's totally pointless, because Senna in loafers is all you really need to sell an NSX.

Suggested By: Hammerfrog

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