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Don’t even go there.

10.) “You Drive That?”

Yes, I drive that.

Whether you’re questioning why someone chose their daily driver or how they were able to afford it, you’re probably offending them.


Yes, I know my car is unreliable. Yes, I know it’s slow. Yes, I know it’s ugly and rusted, but what’s to you?

Suggested By: Garland

9.) “You’re into car racing? Cool. So, like NASCAR?”

This one’s probably more United States specific. I know for a fact most of the population of the outside world has more motorsport knowledge than just “Jeff Gordon..?” Instead, they ask about Formula One, Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna!


Just kidding.

Suggested By: 3daywheelie

8.) “Why Am I Paying More For Less?”

Because of the premium often associated with “more for less”, cars like Porsche’s GTS/GT2/GT3 models and BMW’s coupes often end up costing more than similar models with more doors or more options. The only response I have to this question is that if you’re questioning it, there’s a good chance you can’t afford it.

Suggested By: Chairman Kaga

7.) “How Fast Does It Go?”

How fast does it go where? What does it matter how fast it goes? Unless it’s a Citroen 2CV or you’re worried about being overtaken on your next visit to the local road course, I wouldn’t worry too much about the top speed.


Suggested By: vchengap

6.) “Why Doesn’t This Come In Manual?”

There are probably a bunch of reasons why the car in question doesn’t come in manual. Let me list a few:

  1. No one will buy it.
  2. No one will buy it.
  3. No one will buy it.

Suggested By: Vin

5.) “What Type Of Oil Should I Use?”

As a Subaru enthusiast, this question hits home. It’s true, the owner’s manual doesn’t always have the best recommendations, but if you happen to have some sort of internet access, you have no excuse. Check the forums to see what others have been using successfully before bothering others, or worse... starting new and repetitive forum threads.


Suggested By: beharty

4.) “Why Can’t We Get This Car Here?”

This is a question almost all of us have found ourselves asking each other, usually about Skyline GT-Rs and usually to no effect. Sometimes it’s because of safety regulations, sometimes it’s emissions regulations and sometimes it’s because the car wouldn’t sell. Unfortunately, if the car isn’t sold in the US, we won’t be seeing that car stateside for another 25 years.


Suggested By: alan

3.) “What’s Your Favorite Car?”

Possibly one of the most difficult and aggravating questions that can be asked of a car guy. I’m pretty sure my “favorite car” changes every hour. Possibly every half hour. And what type of car exactly are we talking?


Suggested By: MLGCarGuy

2.) “What Kind Of Gas Mileage Do You Get?”

When it comes to fuel economy, there is an endless of controllable and uncontrollable variables in the real world which have a large affect on the numbers you’ll be seeing from each tank. Not to mention varying driving styles.


Suggested By: frogberg

1.) “What Car Should I Buy?”

Stop asking. The answer will always be Porsche 944, uh, Subaru WRX, uh, I mean Miata!


Suggested By: burglar can’t heart click anything

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