What's the most expensive one-way commercial flight with no buses, cars or trains taking you from one airport to the other? Jalopnik readers started booking and this is what they found.

I guess the most important lesson we learnt from this round is that you can actually spend the price of a new Subaru STI or a Mustang Convertible on a single 4,771 mile long flight starting from New York. Now imagine spending that amount on petrol, and see where it could take you!

Note that these are all one-way tickets with no doubling back.

10.) Fairbanks (Alaska) to Auckland (New Zealand)

Suggested by: DannyO
Price: $28066
Distance on the map: 7308.85 miles
Flight time: 36 hours 10 minutes

Going through Dubai with Emirates has a price.

9.) Dallas (US) to London (UK)

Suggested by: TeXWD
Price: $31464
Distance on the map: 4745.14 miles
Flight time: 27 hours 38 minutes

They just found a new oil field under the farm.

8.) Miami (US) to Tokyo (Japan)

Suggested by: Raphael Orlove
Price: $32758
Distance on the map: 7448.98 miles
Flight time: 24 hours 55 minutes

Sounds like a party.

7.) New York (US) to London (UK)

Suggested by: Ray Wert
Price: $37297
Distance on the map: 4013.03 miles
Flight time: 40 hours 55 minutes


All Nippon Airlines is all about taking you around the world, at least twice if possible.

6.) New York (US) to Frankfurt (Germany)

Suggested by: Ray Wert
Price: $37297
Distance on the map: 4013.03 miles
Flight time: 44 hours

The same story here.

5.) New York (US) to Lisbon (Portugal)

Suggested by: Travis Okulski
Price: $37360
Distance on the map: 3367.19 miles
Flight time: 46 hours 45 minutes


If you're on a plane for 46 hours, fingers crossed for lovely flight attendants. It usually works.

4.) New York (US) to Istanbul (Turkey)

Suggested by: Yamuda
Price: $37992
Distance on the map: 5009.82 miles
Flight time: 45 hours 45 minutes

This one is shorter. By an hour.

3.) New York (US) to Oslo (Norway)

Suggested by: rileseven
Price: $39001
Distance on the map: 3672.61 miles
Flight time: 28 hours

A New York to Oslo flight usually takes 7 hours and 52 minutes. This trip takes a bit more...

2.) Santiago (Chile) to Beirut (Lebanon)

Suggested by: lamakachop
Price: $39525
Distance on the map: 8286.39 miles
Flight time: 20 hours 30 minutes


With Air France, you can try both the Boeing and the Airbus. That almost makes it a good deal.

1.) New York (US) to Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Suggested by: cwgtimkv
Price: $40994
Distance on the map: 4771.69 miles
Flight time: 59 hours


All Nippon Airways once again welcomes your cash or credit card! Also, basically, leaving New York in the wrong direction is more expensive than living there.

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