Flying a plane looks pretty easy when you're miles off the ground. But flying one near the ground is almost a superhuman act of precision. Here are the 10 most pants-shttingly terrifying low flybys ever caught on camera.

10.) Alain de Cadenet nearly gets a Spitfire haircut

Fuck me indeed.

Suggested By: Turbineguy

9.) You can fly a small plane low?

Yeah... that's cute. Watch what I can do.

Suggested By: Hart88

8.) Bipolar biplane almost beheads woman

That would have made for a great NY Post headline. Probably.

Suggested By: POD

7.) Altitude?

We don't need no stinkin' altitude!

Suggested By: AdrianTheRed

6.) Getting strafed by three fighters isn't scary.

Right? Right?

Suggested By: AspenRS

5.) Are small villages supposed to fly?

Before the A380, the 747 was the mack daddy, and is still pretty damn huge.

Suggested By: GingertronMk

4.) Just another day in Russia...

What? You don't have fighter jets strafing your street in Idaho?

Suggested By: alan666

3.) Can your Airbus do this?

Mine can't.

Suggested By: BigNSlow

2.) Too fast and too low.


Suggested By: Donkillme


How is that even possible?!

Suggested By: ttyymmnn

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Top Photo Credit: YouTube