Forget start buttons! Cars should have proper keys. Or tiny pieces of art you can slide into your pocket. Remember, they're tools for making your machine come alive.

These ten cars satisfy the need in spectacular fashion:

10.) Older Ferrari

In the eighties, a Ferrari key looked just like a diesel Fiat Ducato's did with a prancing horse on it. For the 355, they gave it a bit of chrome, and I guess that's where it should have stopped. Today, the red Ferrari keys scream "Hey, I've got a Ferrari." Stay classy, buy a 355.

Suggested By: Victorious Secret, Photo Credit: ducktail964

9.) Subaru STI

magman007 votes the '04 STI's titanium key the best:

When it came out, there was some press about how it was a rally kill switch design, and threw around WRC references and such. Its also semi rare, since in 05 they put inhibitors in all of the cars, and they had to switch the key design to something more traditional. Even though my 06 has the inhibitor, I still have this key. The beauty in the key is its design and functionality. When you turn the key, the way it feels in your hand, it feels like a big switch. Its hard to describe, but its a very engaging way of engaging the starter, a simpler mechanism that when used, feels completely engineered to do one thing, start the car. In a day when keys are rarely even needed, and the turn of the key is replaced by a less engaging button press, I appreciate it more.

Suggested By: magman007, Photo Credit: Legacy GT forum

8.) Modern Aston Martin

Aston Martin used to come with rewrapped Volvo keys. Now, they have an emotional control unit. That's much better.

Suggested By: Gamecat235

7.) Honda NSX

The NSX makes you learn new things:

It's not titanium, but Monel, a nickel alloy composed 70% nickel and 30% copper. I still have mine somewhere.

Suggested By: FASTER345 , Photo Credit:

6.) Nissan 300ZX

Meanwhile, Nissan was using titanium for the 300ZX.

Suggested By: ATX211 , Photo Credit: Ebay

5.) Classic Packard

Packard started decorating keys in the twenties. The Big Three followed, but my favorite is Chrysler's glowing key for the Neon ACR.

Suggested By: Straightsix9904, Photo Credit: klassickeys

4.) Koenigsegg

It's like a key to a secret society's awesome hideout.

Suggested By: daender

3.) Pagani Huayra

It's a statue, it's a key, it's a flash drive. Horacio thought of everything. If you can't afford a Pagani, check out what Porsche or Tesla has to offer.

Suggested By: Pcleez

2.) Classic VW

It's a simple but elegant solution, which you can also turn into a ring if your bus or Beetle rusted beyond repair.

Suggested By: Bob Wills Is King, Photo Credit:

1.) Porsche 917

What's with the holes? This is a race car, after all, and you want to save weight. This is a big "YES" to lightness.

Suggested By: blondude, Photo Credit: Pelican Parts

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