The Story Of This BMW 2002 Will Make You Want To Work On Your Car

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If you buy a 1976 BMW 2002 from eBay without seeing it first, your results may vary. But as Petrolucious demonstrates, Carter Kelly Kramer turned his luck around by working hard and wrenching hard.


Let’s not bring up how much I want to own a BMW Neue Klasse too often, because it physically hurts. But what’s even more painful is the fact that if I ever end up with a basket case like Mr. Kramer, I wouldn’t know how to fix mine.


I could blame it on not having a garage or any tools to start with, but the fact is that we all have the opportunity to learn new skills, and in my case, I could probably just ask the guys over at Alfarium to accept some free labour and teach me how to get through the grease and rust of classic Italian machinery. I would love to learn how to weld. This could be my 2016 project. Who knows?

Mr. Kramer should certainly receive a Jalopnik sticker ASAP. If only I had any left.

Photo credit: Petrolucious


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Máté, you need to spend about a week in my garage. A friend of mine and I are about to swap an E30 6 cylinder into his 2002. I’ll even let you cruise around in my 1600.