A new episode of the world's bestest driving show aired on Sunday and the fifth episode didn't dissapoint. If you were able to watch the Beeb in the English realm, you'd have seen Richard Hammond racing a man on roller skates and a jet pack with the new Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster. You'd have also seen Jeremy trying not to catch fire while driving the Caparo T1 and more importantly, whether the Stig can break the Top Gear test track record with it. But the highlight of the show's got to have been the boys trying to determine the fastest way to get across London โ€” Mercedes GL 500, bike, public transport or boat with Stiggie the teammate forced to go the public transit route. As you can see, he was slightly flummoxed by his fellow commuters. But โ€” now we know something else about Le Stig โ€” he too hates Lewis Hamilton.