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The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Lives But The Chrysler 300 SRT Doesn't

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

RIP, Chrysler's Street and Racing Technology brand. We hardly knew ye. Thankfully, Ralph Gilles' band of merry madmen will live on as part of the Dodge brand. But where does that leave non-Dodge SRT cars like the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT? Dead. And not dead.

A source today confirmed for Jalopnik that the tire-smoking, track-devouring Grand Cherokee SRT is, in fact, sticking around because it happens to be their best-seller. That's good news. The 470 horsepower Jeep is about as badass as an American SUV — no, any SUV — can get, so I'm glad to see it live on.


But there's sad news for fans of the Chrysler 300 SRT. Our source says it's about to ride off into the sunset forever, probably doing smoky burnouts along the way.


That's kind of sad, but there was nothing the 300 SRT could do that the slightly less expensive Charger SRT couldn't, and it wasn't much of a volume seller anyway.

So to recap: Chrysler out, Jeep in. For now, at least. With a Dodge Journey SRT on the way, it may not make sense to have both in their lineup when the all-new Grand Cherokee arrives in 2017.