The Snake Wants To Put You In A '78 Plymouth Arrow!

Illustration for article titled The Snake Wants To Put You In A 78 Plymouth Arrow!

Don "The Snake" Prudhomme did pretty well with his Arrow… and somehow the success of a vaguely Arrow-shaped Funny Car implied that the street version of the badge-engineered Mitsubishi Celeste would also be, you know, not too slow.


Actually, the Arrow did all right for its time, certainly a more interesting car than most of the other vaguely sporty economy machines of the Middle Malaise Era. We wish more Arrows were on the street today, but most were crushed decades ago. Thanks to Joe Hardrock for the tip!

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Is it me or is the EPA estimates either super exaggerated in the late 70's or do our current cars just really suck at fuel efficiency #celeste