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The car-against-motorcycle racing trope has been around for a while, with now- predictable results: Motorcycles are straight-line monsters, while the stability of four wheels gives the cornering advantage to cars. Leave it to France's Moto-Journal to ponder whether this is still true on snowpack in the middle of winter.

Yes, really, in two classes: Two Yamahas — an Open-class R1 superbike and a YZF450 dirtbike — pitted against a Porsche 911 GT3 RS and Mitsubishi Evo, respectively, all wearing utterly evil spiked tires, going at it at four below Fahrenheit. Yes, the R1 is getting up to a monumentally insane 258 kph (160 mph) on snow, at which point the wind chill would probably liquefy nitrogen. No, we don't think that's why the rider is wearing a cape.


The results aren't made clear, although it did look like the Porsche got around the R1 while the Evo couldn't pull it off against the YZF450. Also uncertain is how many lattés it took to defrost the bikers.

(Hat tip to Bridger!)

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