The Sight Of 350 Lamborghinis Together Will Give You A Massive Cargasm

I'm a bit of a Lamborghini fan. No matter which one I see drive by, I act like I just saw Kate Upton run by in a bikini. So if I saw 350 of them in one place, I fear my body would shut down from the overwhelming ocular and audial stimulation. Good thing I wasn't in Italy the other week.


To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Lamborghini gave an Aventador to the Bologna Airport, debuted an insane concept car called the Egoista, and held a small gathering for owners. 350 cars showed up and they drove all around Italy. It sounds like a pornographic road show.

At certain points, they all parked together for some truly amazing photo opportunities. If you are easily stimulated by LEDs, angles, V12s, Valentino Balboni's voice, or Italy in general, please look away from this video. This is NSFW for petrosexuals.

(Hat Tip to Marchettino!)


Gallardos and Murci's are ...meh. Aventador is cool. But a pinche Diablo or Countach, those are chingon a la mouser!