The Short Life and Sad Death of the Acura RSX

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Acura is a strange brand. Only now is Honda beginning to figure out what they want it to be, and as the Civic has moved upmarket, it's edged out its more sophisticated cousin. Production ended this summer but there are still a number of them left on dealer lots. We've always liked the RSX, which seemed more grown-up and less boy-raceresque than its predecessor, the Integra. TTAC's Bill Montgomery, with whom we crunched terrain in the FJ Cruiser last month, pens a mash note to the little coupe. Czech it, and then pour out a 40 of Old E for our departed friend.


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The RSX-S was/is a quick car. My brother runs one in stage rally, and even with the extra bulk of the roll cage, it's very quick. Took it for a spin around the mountain twisties with my mom riding shotgun, and we regularly saw 90mph. She was amazingly calm (but she co-drives for my sister, so she's used to near-death experiences).