The Sharper Image is Clueless About Race Cars

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Someone at the Sharper Image should be shot before "Cyber Monday" even begins — or at least fired. Learn why after the jump.


Just in time for the holiday season, the Sharper Image is selling this toy race track with "incredibly realistic slot-racing action for as many as six Indy-style cars!" Um, except for the fact that the cars are Formula 1 cars. According to the Sharper Image site (and printed catalog):

"Set includes two digitally controlled Indy-style race cars; a McLaren Mercedes-Benz MP 4/17 and a Ferrari F2002 V10."



Aside from the factual error, why is a company that touts itself as "a leading source of new, innovative, high-quality products" putting five-year-old cars in its 2007 holiday catalog? The included "double oval" track just adds insult to injury. No wonder F1 left the United States. Although, at this point, I'm sure Schumi is too busy with endorsement deals and Kimi is too drunk to care. [via Sharper Image]

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My guess is that the person who wrote the copy for the ad doesn't know the difference between Indy and F1 cars. Given that the other cars in the ad are just generic Carrera cars anyway, and that set is a starter Carrera set for which you can buy just about any make and model car around, I'd say it doesn't much matter.

Plus, if you're buying slot cars for your kids, they won't know the difference either. The people who do know the difference and are interested in slot car racing would probably know better than to buy from Sharper Image anyway, at least one would hope.