I know this is wrong, terribly sinister, but I'm not really a car guy so at this year's Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este I did nothing more than admire those beautiful objects plainly for their catchy curves and straight lines, for their exceptional design, and let myself drown into their magical details.

The following list strictly comes from a guy who does not really know cars. I mean I love cars, but I am not very much into the hardcore technical details. Moreover, I am 38 but have only had licence for 3 years, so — just like when I was a kid — I judge them in 99 percent by their appearance, their beauty, their uniqueness.

Here are my top seven of the 2013 Concorso:

#7: Ferrari Dino 166P/206P (1965) 6 cyl., 1986 cc. Coachwork: Spider, Ferrari.

#6: Porsche 356 A (1957), 4 cyl., 1582 cc. Coachwork: Speedster, Reutter.

#5: Ferrari 250 LM (1964), 12 cyl., 3286 cc. Coachwork: Berlinetta, Pininfarina.

#4: Jaguar XKSS (1956), 6 cyl., 3442 cc. Coachwork: Spider, Jaguar.

#3: BMW M1 (1980), 6 cyl., 3400 cc. Coachwork: Coupé, Giugiaro.

#2: Lamborghini Miura SV (1972), 12 cyl., 3929 cc. Coachwork: Coupé, Bertone.

#1: Lancia Sibilo (1978), 6 cyl., 2419 cc. Coachwork: Coupé, Bertone.

Photos: Attila Nagy