The Secret Underground World Of Washington D.C.

Ever wondered what's below Dupont Circle? The remains of a Pizza Express, for starters. Plus 75,000 square feet of solid silence.

To get rid of its post-war congestion,Washington D.C. moved the traffic of Connecticut Avenue below the surface in 1949, including streetcars, for which they constructed two stations connected by 4,000 feet of tunnels made of thick reinforced concrete.


Despite the massive amount of work put into it, the underground party only lasted for 13 years, and since its closure in 1962, Washington has no idea what to do with its hidden space apart from sealing it off to the public. At least not until now.

The last time D.C. residents could walk down below Dupont Circle was in 1995, when Pizza Express tried not to get lost in the dark.

Are you ready to get back down below the park?

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