This is Peter Read and his Pagani Huayra, the first right-hand drive Huayra in Europe. He says the scariest thing about it isn't the speed or the price or the handling - it's other people.

The acceleration is scary, Read tells FortyOneSix, but what's really frightening is how much attention the car gets.

The only downside is driving down a motorway, you suddenly find people coming along the side of you with cameraphones, taking pictures. And that can get quite scary, because somebody's going along with a cameraphone and trying to steer, and the next thing you know they come in and knock the side of you.

So that's when you really do need the acceleration and just blast your self out of the space.

So there you have it - if you're thinking of buying a Huayra, be prepared to have some, uh, interesting highway encounters.

(Hat tip to Nick!)