What's this? There's more to the hot, mid-engine Renault Twin'Run concept that just some photos and a press release? It seems it may be starring in a short film from Renault where it faces its predecessors, the Renault 5 Turbo and Clio V6.

Not much is known about this film yet. The clip above seems to be a preview for what I'm guessing will be a longer short film (ha!) called Block Racers starring the 320-horsepower Twin'Run and its big brothers.


The trailer is nice because it shows how cool the Twin'Run looks in motion, but I definitely get a "What did I just watch" feeling afterward. It looks like gangs of women who drive a Clio V6 and Renault 5 Turbo are forced to square off against the new car in a race, and they get more than they bargained for.

Interesting. I hope the full version comes out soon. I want to see more of the Twin'Run.

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