Watch This Rally BMW M3 Soar Across Half The Planet And Keep On Going

Everyone talks about the Finns having crazy rally driving skills, but don't count out their linguistic siblings, the Estonians, just yet. Because they can make a BMW literally fly, and then just keep. on. going. Like it's nothing at all.

And I really am serious about the car's stubborn tenacity, and that of its race team. From the in-car view, you can see them just continue with the race, the co-driver keeping up with the notes, even though they just made a jump in an old BMW that would make Evel Knievel sit up.

Yeah, even though it only takes a few seconds, it feels like they have all the hangtime in the world to say "OH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIII–."


Except, you know, in Estonian. (Estonian commenters feel free to chime in with a helpful translation.)

Sadly, it looks like the eager little BMW That Could just couldn't for much longer, as the team of Priit Koik and Alari-Uku Heldna were forced to retire from the Viru Rally soon after.

Even still, now you can say for certain that a BMW can take bigger jumps, and last longer, than a Ford SVT Raptor.


H/t to bananinhao on r/videos!

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