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The Production VW Midsize Coupe Still Doesn't Look Like A Coupe

Illustration for article titled The Production VW Midsize Coupe Still Doesnt Look Like A Coupe

The Volkswagen New Midsize Coupe concept that debuted earlier this month at the Beijing Auto Show didn't look much like a coupe in the sketches. Then we saw the live pictures and still thought it wasn't a coupe. This is reportedly the production version, a reasonably attractive four-door not-a-coupe.


Autohome got some shots of the for-the-Chinese-market-only NMC, which I guess still doesn't have a name. It's basically a Jetta underneath, so think of it as a CC to the Jetta the way the CC is to the last-gen Passat. The website has a picture of the rear, which is neither coupe-like nor stylish.

VW is apparently toying with the idea of bringing a Jetta-sized not-a-coupe to the rest of the world after the next-generation Jetta debuts. Maybe that will give them time to look back at the definition of the word "coupe" and change the design accordingly.


Photo via Autohome

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"A coupe is... whatever we want it to be." -Automakers