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Family cars keep getting faster and faster, while old sports cars get no quicker than when new.


We noticed this today when we talked about an unrestored flat floor Jaguar E-Type going for $171,000. Seeing the once-proud car in such terrible shape probably inspired the bitter, piercing comment by buckfiddious.

That's a crap-load of money for a busted car that can be outperformed by a Diesel Jetta Sportwagen.


Now, we can all agree there are very good reasons for buying what is popularly regarded one of the most beautiful cars of all time as opposed to a straightedge longroof, but it has us wondering.

What is the slowest car that is faster than a super or sports car of yesteryear? Is a 2006 Camry V6 faster than a Ferrari 208 Turbo? Is a 1970 Chevrolet Impala faster than the land speed record-breaking 1900 Jamais Contente? See what's the most absurd pairing you can think of and justify it in Kinja below.

Photo Credit: Jaguar/VW

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