This Nissan Skyline R34 Drifter Has A Ford V8 Because Why The Heck Not

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Okay, okay, so I promised you a Skyline, got your hopes up, and didn't deliver, but this really is a Skyline... Sort of. This R34 runs a Ford 410cu-in V8. Why the hell not? Take a look at how this black and green machine careens, and you'll wonder if its Frankenstein nature isn't just what the doctor ordered.

Swaps are common place in the tuner world. I did one myself when I was in university. Mine was a so-called "mini-me" swap, and I put a Honda D16Y8 VTEC head on a D16Y7 block on my Civic EK hatchback. Friends I had swapped in B16s into Civics. Swapping engines usually means putting a more powerful engine from the same car manufacturer into a smaller car (or sometimes the same car, but you originally got it with the smaller engine).

This is not that. This swap is something else. While it may seem like sacrilege to profane a Nissan Skyline by putting a Ford in it (oh, I know, you Ford folks are saying the opposite, how dare you put a 6.7L V8 into an import, ewwwww), this monster sounds truly evil, and it drives like it, too. Frankly, if mixing Ford and Nissan will produce this kind of offspring, I'm all for it.


Vroom, vroom.

H/T CarBuzz.

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The problem is here in the states GM and Ford V8 engines are dirt cheap and everywhere. While a high power high displacement Japanese engine is either rare as hens teeth, or is so wierd it is a major pain in the butt to get shoehorned in something else.

I just wish that european and Japanese big engines were far more plentiful here, Having an AMG graveyard like is common in europe would be a freaking awesome thing.