The Post Of Shameless Self-Promotion: Davey G Reminder, Wert Needs No More Face Time

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Because they've asked us to do this, we're posting to let y'all know one of us will be on the radio show "On Tomorrow" Sunday July 22 at 4:15 PM — and yes, that does mean he'll be on tomorrow "On Tomorrow". Hi ho! So listen online, via Sirius or XM or any of the literally millions of stations carrying it, as our Associate Editor from Motown talks automotive technology. Just go and check your local provider via the link on the "On Tomorrow" page located here. Also, remember to watch our west coast brother Davey G tonight on G4 TV at 7:00 PM — cause that'll be totally fun. Probably more fun that listening to Wert talk tech. Excuse us — definitely more fun.


On Tomorrow []

Another Jalopnik Hits The Airwaves: Davey G. On G4 Tomorrow Night [internal]

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